Climate Conference Cop21 Paris – Cop22 Marrakesh

Climate Conference Cop21 Paris – Cop22 Marrakesh

Shocking news, facts and scandals about the Climate Conference in Morocco.

“The organization of COP22 will cost some €100 million.”
Where all the money is gone or for what exactly was it spent on?

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We wanted to visit the UN Climate Conference of the Parties (COP22) in Marrakesh, Morocco. Seems we are not welcome, we got no invitation. But ok, we have enough to do, no money and also no time for endless talks like in Paris which changed nothing or too little. Since years we call for help and real support, also financially. Hope they start finally to do something for the nature, for the poor people and for the regions really need change or help – so how they promised the last years. With all the money they waste for such conferences or campaigns they could help all that poor people and regions. And what is with animal and human rights and biggest climate problems like air pollution caused by meat and coal production? Questions over questions

Of course we are for the good people, organisations and developments at and around the conference, especially for the alternative camps like Alter Cop22 Forum de la Terre.

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Klimakonferenz COP22 in Marrakesh Marokko – Greening DesertsPosted on2:59 pm - Oct 20, 2017

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