Desertification in Spain and Desert Greening Solutions

Desertification in Spain and Desert Greening Solutions

Climate Change could transform southern Spain into a desert:,,,,

We can change that and stop the desertfication with our projects like Greening Deserts Camps and Desert Bamboo Project!

Another great idea is to use the greenhouses of Almeria partwise for massive forestation programs. If everybody just do a bit and we all work together on greening the dry areas we could get back the woods in Spain like in the good old times. Let’s come and start together, let’s make it happen!

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Greening Deserts projects are cultural, educational, economic, social, scientific and sustainable developments using classical greening or gardening methods but also new or alternative techniques and technologies. Focus is on biodiversity, climate protection, cleantech, ecological forestry, ecosystem restoration, environmental protection, greening, greentech, reforestation and species protection. The projects can reduce human-made climate change, deforestation, droughts, desertification, land degradation, global warming and pollution worldwide.

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David EvansPosted on9:25 am - Jul 8, 2018

First of all, I disagree with people being the cause of climate change, Removing the canopies of the Amazonian forests reveals an ancient civilisation from a previously thought virgin forest region. One reason put forward for their disappearance is climate change. I have just watched the start of the 2018 Tour de France cycle race starting on the island of Noirmoutier in the VendΓ©e region of France and what you will notice are the salt marshes for, you’ve guessed it, producing sea salt. Now here’s a thought which may seem a bit daft but here goes.
Lets first put sea water in a flat, spread out tank and leave it in the sunshine. The water will evaporate and leave salt, sea salt. During this process of evaporating water it seems a pity to waste this humidity to the air, could this evaporating water be used to grow plants since it will not contain salts, or will it be too lacking in minerals. I am sure a tunnelling flow system could be arranged that this humidity is captured by the plants as it tries to escape it’s tunnelled environment with adequate nutrient support for growth?. Just a thought?ο»Ώ
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